Revolutionizing the Way Music Lovers Engage with Music Artists

About Us

The World First Blockchain Infrastructure where music lovers are incentivized and their communities are revitalized.

Construction Engineer

Vision Statement:

To incentive music lovers and music artists with a digital asset that harmonizes the social and environmental well-being for all.

Mission Statement:

To develop an Ensemblecoin Ecosystem that supports multiple platforms to keep music lovers and music artists engaged with a liberty to positively impact communities throughout the world.

Relaxing with Music


Name of Token:                             Ensemblecoin
Token Supply:                                500,000,000,000
Token Decimal:                              8
Token Address:           0x72268eed1b0e92f1e680a5d280cb32910dbd36a9
Token Paired:                                 BNB/USDC
Token Symbol:                               ESBC
Liquity Locked:           
                 Ensemblecoin (ESBC) Lockup Overview | Team by TrustSwap

Token Listed:                                  PancakeSwap
Token Open Price:                          $ 0.10 USD


The Ensemblecoin professionals are consistently working on making its cryptocurrency a revolutionary trendsetter; in the way financial and music industries are moving forward, with doing business with cryptocurrency.

Quarter 2/2021:

  • Introduction of The Ensemblecoin

  • Creating the Discussion with Facebook, Twitter and Telegram Chat

  • Research/Development of  The Ensemblecoin Platforms

  • Launch of The Ensemblecoin Presale

  • Marketing/Advertising Strategies

Quarter 1/2022:

  • Official Launch of The Ensemblecoin Public Sale

  • Research/Development of The Ensemblecoin Platforms

Quarter 1/2023:

  • Launch of The Ensemblecoin Music Lover’s Platform

Quarter 1/2024:

  • Launch of The Ensemblecoin Capital Projects Platform*

*Qualified professionals will administer all The Ensemblecoin Capital Projects.

Ensemblecoin: Price Chart

How to Buy Ensemblecoins
How to Buy Ensemblecoins

How to Buy Ensemblecoins (6)
How to Buy Ensemblecoins (6)

How to Buy Ensemblecoins (5)
How to Buy Ensemblecoins (5)

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How to Buy Ensemblecoins
How to Buy Ensemblecoins


 Ensemblecoin FAQ 

Ensemblecoin White Paper

with Token Sale Agreement

Ensemblecoin RoadMap


Ensemblecoin will revolutionize the way music lovers and music artists engage...  I see a day when more independent artists will become international influencers, while building their brand and revitalizing communities around the world.”